LIME Group

LIME Hotels and Resorts transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. What makes us incomparable is that we keep things simple and fun yet unforgettable. We offer excellent value for money for comfortable amenities and the warmest service. Our hotels are closely located to where all the action is, such as local attractions, tours and activities to keep your trip simply awesome.

LIME is a chain of hotels and resorts located in top tourism destinations such as Boracay, Palawan and more future locations. We are committed to provide an exceptional level of service and excellent rooms and facilities. Expect us to bring a LIME hotel or resort to different postcard perfect vacation island around the country.

We put premium in two key things: people and service. Whether they are guests or members of our team, our skills in managing people have a made a big impact in the success of our hotels. We understand our guests because we are young, fun and driven like them.